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This Web site provids informations about piano duet. For Piano instructors, Researchers, and Lovers.
"Rendan" means music for "one piano/four hands" in Japanese.

In addition, this site provids much information on works for more than one piano, too.

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Our Sheet musics Collection
There are over 500 piano duet works in our list. (Last update :06/Februry/2005)
Topics: Quinet's "Cinq Miniatures" etc...

Our CD Collection about Piano Duet
With "Evaluations" toward the performances.
Add Brahms,Dvorak Roentgen and others  marked "NEW". (21/Dec/2002)

Piano Duet Database
We have the plan of introducing over 3000 works here.(Constructing now !)

These are the literature which we refered to. (08/Sep/99)

Publisher of sheet music, Piano manufacturers, Web sites about piano music.
New site --  "DUO PIANISTICO DI FIRENZE"--Renewal !!. (10/Jan/2004)

About us...
Our profile and informations. (09/Aug/99)

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Japanese Page
There are more informations about piano duet. But Japanese only.
(Last update : 06/Februry/2005)

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