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We are amateurs researchers and player about piano duet.We are married couples, and then there are even relations of the instructior and the student about piano in us. The one with the position of Yumiko (left) is a instructor, and Kazumi (right) is Yumiko's student.


Born in Tokyo Japan.

Regular occupation is a piano instructor.

My favorite composers are W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, R.Schumann, S.Rachmaninoff, and S.Prokovieff.

Bastine's method is adopted, and it aims at the pleasant.

But, a lesson for the general is closing at now. A present student is only my husband. He is the troublesome student.

It is not the graduation of the music college., my study of piano depends on the private lesson understood completely. And, I have a working experience in IBM Japan, too.

Sport is good at swimming for me. The same level as a person can do tennis, too.

We have two pug dogs as a family. One name is Akane (left) , and other's name is Pug (right). They are very important existence for us. As for "Pug" of this case, it doesn't mean a dog kind. It is her name.


Born in Tokyo Japan.

My occupation is a journalist about the economy and the high technology industry. My covering themes are a computer network and the correlation of the organization, a countermeasure to the computer crime, measures against disasters about the information system, and the problem which takes place between the information system and the law. In the technology side, I have interest in the element technology of the supercomputer and the mainframe.

It is at the time of three years old to begin the lesson of the piano. Yumiko took charge of a lesson about the technique of the accurate piano performance.

Favorite composers are F.Liszt, A.Scriabin, S.Rachmaninoff, O.Messiaen. But, it is very short of the technique of my piano performance. Therefore, no work can be played satisfactorily. Sport of the extreme love is horsemanship.

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