Special Tanks !

Making this Web Site, we got cooperation from the following people. We appreciate it deeply toward their cooperation.
Ms. & Mr. Toyooka gave us informations on the large area about piano duet. They were Kunitachi College of Music graduation (Tokyo Japan) in all of both.

Each development of the performance activity centering around a piano ensemble from 1980, They were awarded diploma from Bulgaria composer alliance in 1983.

In 1991 They formed permanent piano ensemble team "Duo T&M".

The original activity that puts up the pursuit of the music expression by a piano duet performance to a motto thereafter and narrowed down to "l piano, 4 hands" such as CD production, score publication, arrangement is continued.
Mr. Makoto Nakahata, the assistant professor of Fukushima University, gave us much information about the piano performance and works for piano.

He is a excellent young pianist, graduated Musashino College of Music and Dortmund Mucic College, studied under Prof. Gerhard Oppitz, Prof. A.v. Arnimm, Prof. Henriett Marie Puig-Roget and other teachers.

And he was given Kreutzer Award.
Mr. Match Kobayashi provided information about piano works of F.Liszt for us.

Mr. Akiharu Kubo provided precious sheet music that "A.Dovrak's 9th symphony, piano duet version", for us.

Dr. Makoto Natsui
provids many informations about music works that arrangement for piano.

Mr.Tim Ruffer, Boosey & Hawkes assistansed to get us Rachmaninoff's "Isle of the death" and 2nd.Symphony for piano duet version, and other musics for piano duet.

Ms. Ilsa Panter, C.F.Peters (Frankfurt) assistansed to get us Tschaikovsky's "Symphony No.4 for piano duet" and  Reger's "Symphonic Prologe to the Tragedy for piano duet version". Both items are out of print. She helped to get photocopies for us.

Ms. Fumiko Matsu'ura provided for us, A.Freed's "Win, Place, or Show" for a piano 4 hands.

Ms. Ren馥 Holle, Minzer Musikalien-Zentrum GmbH assistansed to get us European Sheet Musics.

Mr. Yukihisa Miya-yama, provided for us precious sheet music that "P.I.Tschaikovsky's Symphony No.4, for piano duet"and "P.I.Tschaikovsky's Symphony No.5, for piano duet" arr. by Taneew.

Ms. Irmgard Maier & Ms. Monika Stricker,Universal Edition assistansed to get us Mahler's Symphonies arr. for piano 4 hands.

Ms. Ruth Fritz, C.F.Peters (Frankfurt) assistansed to get us Borodin's "String Quartet No.2 ,arr. for piano duet" and  Mahler's "Symphony No6 for piano duet version". Both items are out of print. She helped to get photocopies for us.

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